JSON to intermediate dev projects

So I just did the JSON section and felt like it was just a copy paste/ here’s the code with no explanation learning style. Now I have looked at the first intermediate front end challenge and realized that I don’t really know where to get started with the API stuff. Can you guys recommend some more reading/exercises for getting my head around what is going on with JSON and whatever else might come in handy.

To understand AJAX, I would start with this video. As for JSON, just remember that it’s a way to format data to look like a JavaScript object.

Java Script Object Notation

var JSONObject = {
    "name": "Daryl",
    "weapon": "Crossbow"

console.log(JSONObject.name); // "Daryl"

read about json and how to format json, this is best pratices, so, to retrieve a json data, you need make a AJAX. learn more about ajax here

Thanks. Super helpful. The FCC stuff just sort of launches into it without explaining what it is, and what it does.

Good question @jwpincus :thumbsup: , as I felt the same about the FCC - Json section and approaching the intermediate tasks. Thanks @PortableStick, @leandroruel for posting the links, these have been helpful. :slight_smile: