JSQuery and implementing it


So I’m on the “Random Quote Generator” challenge of FCC. I’m trying to use

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.0.0/jquery.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

As the library import. Apparently that’s valid, but using:

$(document).ready(function() { $("div").addClass("animated bounce"); });

Isn’t? Like if I linked it to:

<div class="target1">Get Another Quote?</div>

<div> Isn’t being targeted. "target1" isn’t either. I’ve been looking at the Tutorial for JSQuery for hours now but I’m not understanding where I’m going wrong. Double so since the lirbary import isn’t put into FCC’s “code-check” testing area. It’s implemented behind the scenes, so I can’t see how FCC did it to try to copy that and then go “okay, yeah, I see where I’m going wrong.”

Help? How am I supposed to use JSQuery? Targeting my HTML isn’t doing anything in Brackets but as far as I know my code is valid?

So, then, why isn’t that shown along with Jquery’s library call? They say they include it, so don’t worry about it. But at the same time, when you reach those later ones, you’re like “well how the heck am I supposed to implement this?” I mean looking at the tutorials and them not including it is just a head-scratcher. I guess it’s to try to help newer people learn without needing more “bloat” but at the same time you start to run into later ones and it’s like “well, if I go back to those tutorials to try to test something” it won’t work.

I mean the section before this test mentions “Ajax” like ONE time. What is Ajax? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I guess they want you to look it up, but it seems weird to mention it one time in the “tutorial” area and then never again as if you just know what they want?

…I mean, I guess.

But I’d still rather they have the import code in the practice examples so you can go back and refer to it and understand what is going on and where you’re going wrong instead of sitting there like “well, it’s JS so it should go in a JS tag and work, right?”

I’m not really looking for a “pep talk.” It’s more a minor quibble with how FCC hides things in trying to make things “easier” for new programmers while when you go back to review, you forget those things aren’t included or seen and then you’re like “well, what the heck am I supposed to do here now?”

I mean looking things up: Okay, great. But If figured the “animate.css” was part of JSQuery without needing to look for a separate .css library. I guess the fault is on me, partially. But at the same time: Why can’t FCC just include the library and header code to show what the actual code would be? Have it be “truncated” like most IDE’s if need be, but at least include it so people can look at the code and go “okay, I see what they’re doing.”

You’re not wrong! Perhaps there should be a whole lesson on including the libraries that are used in the tutorials. fCC is an open source project, so your input is valuable. Where do you think would be the ideal place to put this on the map?

Well, “Target HTML Elements with Selectors Using jQuery” is the one that I used and mentioned not having it. But given people are going to be outside linking .css or .js files to their HTML/page, I’d suggest it in one of the beginning areas or even in the .css lessons as a “hey, you don’t need to just put your CSS internally! You can make a separate file and then link to that!” And then maybe build upon that with API’s or something right after.

Honestly, I kinda feel the FCC ciriculum is all over the place and doesn’t really “build up” on what you learn. JS kinda jettisons the entire HTML/CSS out the window to do more actual programming. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but when you reach the “front-end projects” you probably no longer remember your HTML/CSS. I feel like the lessons should “build upon” and maybe have previous project code in it so you can get an idea of how these would apply in a bigger project or just even messing about with the same code would show how different things can affect different “targets.”

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Just a quick bump because it showed up on me doing their course on Jquery, but: CodeCademy does a “you can link outside .js/.css files” tutorial/lesson. So it’s weird FCC doesn’t do the same for it’s beginners.

I guess FCC wants to supplement CodeCademy? IDK, but I guess I should use both of them while learning?