Just another Survey Form Project achieved

Hello there,
I finished the Survey Form Project, and i’d like to have some feedback on it.
It passes all tests and I checked html and css with online tools.
It’s not really original, but I focused on coding rigorously and cleanly.
So if you have some comments or areas for improvment, please feel free to tell me. I will read your remarks with pleasure.


Hi,Nice Survey Form you got there,the background really fits it,I can’t even see any corrections to be made,all I can say is wow(of course am happy)

Hey, your form looks pretty nice but I still got some tips for your css in case you didnt know.

you can remove the white outline on your elements which doesnt align with your border by adding:

input[type="text"]:focus, input[type="number"]:focus , select:focus, textarea:focus {
  outline: none;
  border: <your border settings with a slightly different color maybe>;

I actually don’t know right now if its :focus or :focused so just try ^^

Your form looks good @7h0dum. Something to revisit;

  • Make your page responsive. On smaller screens there is a horizontal scrollbar.

Hello adaezebaby, xDarkyne and Roma,
First, thank you for your kind feedbacks.
I modified my form in order to implement all your remarks, and the improvment is rather subtle but the result is much cleaner.

@xDarkyne: it’s :focus :wink: