Just Build Websites! Project ideas list

Hey Shop-o-maniacs, Episode #225 of Shop Talk Show just landed.

At the end of the episode they link to a list of project ideas that was inspired by their Just Build Websites! mantra.

You can see the list here: https://github.com/melanierichards/just-build-websites


Cool list, I need ideas

Wow, this is pretty awesome. Thank you so much for this!

  • Think of a person in your life; build a site they’d love
  • …now build a site they’d abhor

Awesome list!

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Just gonna post all the ideas I have for front end here. Starting with this one.

A simple website that has tips and instructions for flying a drone for the first time.

Something kinda like this. Gonna start working on it today.

If you have a front end idea you think is cool. Post it here so that someone lacking in motivation will have something to do. :smiley:

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Just found out these figma links dont work. So heres a picture of what I have in mind for the drone site.

@ItsRoyal This is a similar topic: Just Build Websites! Project ideas list

Work in progress, but I recently had this idea to make a web page where you can pick robot parts made by CSS art which will then assemble using GreenSock Animation Platform. I highly recommend GSAP to anyone who wants to spice up their web animation game.

So far it’s proving to be a tricky challenge for me. CSS art is still art and I was never too good at drawing and visualizing images. Coming up with a design takes up more time than I’ll care to admit. On the other hand, I have a bit of dance experience, and choreography is surprisingly similar to animation. Animating the CSS pieces is much easier than actually making them – for me at least.

ANYHOW regardless of my own personal experiences, I feel as though CSS art and animation provide new challenges when put together. Usually with CSS art you’re only concerned with the end result. When animating CSS art, you have to think about whether the sub-parts make sense within the context of the animation. Correspondingly, having different pieces of CSS art gives you much more freedom on what and how you can animate.

I recommend other campers to try something similar – it’s fun, it’s a good learning experience, and it can take you out of a creative slump. This can be a nice little side project that can be revisited and expanded as time passes.


Yep. Just remembered theres a search button. x)

Yea! That looks awesome! Will definitely try in my next project. In fact I think ill make it the central focus of my next project. :slight_smile: I can feel the gears turning already. :+1:

Thanks for the suggestion - threads merged :slight_smile: