Just completed JS data structure and algorithm certification

after completing JS DSA I’m thinking to build 5-10 projects with vanilla JS so that my fundamentals get strong before jumping into react or vue ,
but one part inside me says start with frameworks it would be cool .
your opinion will be helpful !
if projects with vanilla is the path then do mention projects with increasing complexity .

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Kudos on finishing your JS certification. Your gut is right. It’s better to continue the curriculum as is.

In your libraries certification, you’ll have 5 more projects where you can continue building up on JavaScript. Hey, React is pure JavaScript.

What you can do as well is adding, always, additional features to every project.

Try that these features you add be of something you hadn’t tried before and want to learn by reading pure documentation.

One more thing,

For a portfolio though, it’s not the number of projects but the number of features that ONE project has. That’s what these certifications give us. Building blocks, and with it we could do one big thing with it.

Happy coding!

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