Undecided about what next

I am really trying to finish off learning JavaScript this week – for now at least – and then claim the JavaScript certification on fCC.

While doing the JavaScript course i bought on udemy i put into practice most things. Now that i am finished with it i intend to do at least 40 projects: 20 by Brad Traversy on Udemy and the other 20 by JavaScript30.

I have an Aunt who doesn’t believe in what in what i am learning - she supports me though. I promised to replace her WordPress ecommerce website. I also have my own personal target: to create a memory app(flash cards) as i don’t like most of the free ones i see on playstore. So I’d like to create my own even if it will be only a PWA for some time at least.

Now i don’t know if learning react js will help me achieve both. Or maybe i should focus on node js, build my apps, and later come back to react js. I bought a react course already.

Back to the 40 projects, i plan to do 2 per week while i walk my way through react or node - but i am undecided yet.

You advice on what to do next and any other you feel like will be helpful.

Thanks in advance

  1. I am a terrible advice giver because I have been hobbying it for 3 years with little likelihood of change (admittedly owing to my own preferences).

Should you choose to disregard 1, …

  1. JS = JS. “Everything” (angular, react, node etc.) was built on “vanilla” JS. Search the internet for the lifespan of a JS framework and behold the short term. Each framework will help you learn it and what it affects, nothing more. That said, the vanilla JS framework is largely a logical thought quest. Though you may need syntax to change the answers, the point is that the problems would still be solvable in Python, C, whatever. JS is just a vocab. And dealing with data, with problems, goes deeper than code. So IMHO any problems you solve involving logic will have a greater affect on your coding overall than any specific framework projects would. (Although, obviously solving specific framework problems are the most relevant for those frameworks.)

  2. 40 projects at 2 per week seems completely insane to me. I’d do a project in 2 weeks if I was lucky. But all of our time commitments are different.

  3. If people don’t believe in you their biases don’t allow them to. You do not have, or need, the same biases.

  4. Having a specific project to work towards is IMHO a good motivator. I learned Py about 1.5 years before building the thing I wanted to build 10 years ago. But eventually it got built. And it motivated me. So that worked.

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Hey there,

I think you’re currently putting the cart before the horse. Unnecessary planning is also a form of procrastination.

Looking at your post history, you started JS some months ago, meaning you will probably need some weeks/months to finish the JavaScript certification on FCC, because this stuff needs a lot of effort.

My best idea is to ditch Udemy, all the bought courses, all plans about YT courses and x, y, z and focus on the tasks in front of you: investing some focused 50-100h into the JavaScript certification projects on FCC.

And then you can come back and think about the next steps instead now wasting your time by dreaming and fantasizing about some steps for in 6 months.

I don’t think i rushed it. I only think i have invested more time in it. I started JavaScript July 4 - i think. Apart from the times i was sick of it, i never stopped for a single day – I have nothing else doing during the day other than to code. And that will only change when school resumes.

That is what i am doing right now. I have completed more than half of the JS curriculum since i began. And i believe i should finish with it this week since i find it relatively easy passing the challenges. Only the OOP of which i am going to skip some parts as they didn’t use a class based syntax.

I spend almost my entire day in this thing every day. I need to think of next steps. School will soon resume and I will have a very little time to spend on coding!

I don’t know if you understand me.
Looking forward to getting a response.
Thanks for giving an honest advice tough!

I am not bothered by her though. The last time… I told her she will never understand until i start to excel in it.

Your words are motivating.
Thank you for stopping by to answer me!