Just finished my Tech Doc

Just finished my tech doc page. Was looking for feedback, esp with the css. I tend to do a lot of unneeded css so i was trying to focus on a pretty basic page to try and get things nailed down a bit.
Spent a LOT of time on this project and redoing it a couple times because i had installed a chrome plugin that messed with the tester… :frowning:

From an aesthetic perspective, it doesn’t look great.
The text is quite small and the spacing between sections is actually less than the line height of the normal paragraph.
I think all code should be marked in a different style even if it is in the normal flow of text.
Text is easier to read if it does not go all across the screen.
Notice here in the forum that there is a large right margin as well as a left margin.
It does pass all the test criteria :+1:

Hi @EricHeredia,

Good Job! I think your page is nice, clean and simple. In my opinion a technical documentation
should not have to much “magic” css styling but i little bit (to make it more attractive) is ok.

I would suggest a couple of things for improvement:

  • User a large font-size for the main section. (the nav is ok)
  • With it, implement some letter spacing and/or word spacing (with the css property)
  • Also, give your text some line height
  • If want to give your code some coloring, try using Prism.js
  • When the screen screen gets smaller try to make sure that everything is centered (the whole content, includie your nav) I use the following code to accomplish this for example:

(1st make sure the the whole content is is a wrapper div)


width: 95%; (this makes sure that there wil be some margins at both sides when screen gets smaller)
max-width: 800px: (for example)
margin: auto:


also, make sure that your nav has also a dynamic width (widht: 100% -> don;t use pixels).

For fonts, sizes, colors etc I will check which sites due have really nice styling in this area. For mu site
i use the same styling as the articles on

(use chrome inspect tool).

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


P.s. If you want and have the time to give some feedback, please check out my Tech site:

Thanks for all the feedback guys! I’m definitely gonna clean this up a bit, just had to get the criteria passed and take the rest of the night off. I really do appreciate the effort in feedback and will be taking a look at everything very seriously tonight.
Thanks again!