Just starting on the first side of the html and css projects. Advice?

Any advice would be great. Learning.

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Hey @relishthat, good luck! The HTML/CSS projects have User Stories which is good to know about, as they are used in the real world. I would copy them into a Google Doc and check them off or mark them out as I satisfied each one. I went through them one at a time as well - a way to break down the large project into smaller pieces.

Also, start simple and then later build onto the projects to make them more advanced. Maybe draw out what you want your page to look like before you sit down to code it out.

Hi @relishthat !

Welcome to the forum!

The projects are going to take more time and research than the challenges.

Here are a few tips.

  • Break the projects down into small manageable pieces.
    If you try to tackle to many things, then you will create a whole bunch of errors and the process will be really frustrating.
    Break the project down into smaller pieces.
    Just start with the html. Worry about css later.
    Start by tackling one user story at a time.
    If you get stuck then research, and ask questions.

  • Google for answers
    You are not expected to remember everything.
    That is what google is for.
    For example, if you don’t know how to center an image, then google it.
    If you still need help, then come to the forum and ask questions.

  • The goal is not the copy the samples
    The goals is to learn how to develop and program.
    You will learn that by building things on your own.
    While it is tempting to study the example code and use chunks of it in your own project that is not the best learning method.
    The goal is to ask yourself how do I this?
    The best learning will come from research not copying samples.

  • Don’t worry about coming up with the best design.
    I would say most developers are not the strongest designers.
    Don’t worry if your designs are super polished.
    Just try the best that you can and remember these are learning projects.

  • Lastly, ask for feedback
    As a self taught developer, it is important that you ask for feedback so others can help you grow and improve.
    They will also point out errors in your code and suggest best practices to follow.
    You don’t want to go through all 5 projects without knowing there are major issues in your code.

Hope that helps!

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