Kali Linux Anyone?

I’ve tried to use Kali Linux a few times, but just never got into the tools enough to stick with it.

To those unaware, Kali Linux is a Linux distro that provides information security tools. It’s used professionally for ethical hacking and stuff like pen testing. (and probably unethical stuff too)

I was wondering if one were to want to get more serious about learning how to use Kali Linux and similar tools, what should one do? I had Kali Linux installed for a few years on my laptop and just never figured out how to get started, since there are so many tools out there haha.

I just watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials, tbh. Some were OK, others were pretty poor, but it was fun to set up a second router with a moderate password and learn how to crack it :slight_smile:

I use Kali in a VM for pen testing our web applications, but I feel this is just the tip-toe of the full potential of Kali. :slight_smile: For learning I spent a lot of time reading https://www.owasp.org/