How to install linux?

I want to install kali linux on my pc and I don’t know how to do it! (I have never installed an OS on any PC and neither did I learn ).
So if any one has a good tutorial video or step by step guide please share with me!

Note: I have seen many but none of them were satisfying for me so I could follow them!

You should always follow official documentation…
kali Linux installation guide
If you’ve fear of loss of data, or else want to try installing the OS…
you can first try to install it on Virtual Box


Brother I really don’t know anything about it, like what is meant by burning the image and things like that.(or you may say I have been living under the rocks),
because I never had a PC or that much interaction with PC in the CS lab.
And teachers are also dumb, they didn’t teach anything.
So I want a guide which tells me from the very first step of downloading the files.
You may say I am dumb but I really don’t know anything about it!

Installing Virtualbox as mentioned by @mukeshgurpude, and trying out Kali in safety, i.e. not destroying your existing system, is a wise choice.

Alternatively, the download page does have live ISOs, which should allow you to try the OS in memory, without installing anything onto your PC.

Being as you are completely new to Linux, I would avoid any dual-boot set-ups until you know exactly what you are doing with disk partitions, or install Kali on a separate drive.
Rufus and Etcher can be used to create (burn) a bootable USB from the ISO file. Always double check the drive you are writing to is the USB you want to be overwritten.


According to my knowledge, burning to the disk is nothing but copying the file in Disk or USB, but in a specific format…(it maybe wrong)
I think it allows BIOS to detect OS image(.iso file) in the disk…

If you’ve fear of losing data or anything else
you can try VirtualBox or live ISO mentioned by @leebut

I’m also newbie and practicing linux commands in VirtualBox…
I suggest you should first try, linux and then install it when you’re comfortable with it…


@leebut and @mukeshgurpude Thanks to both of you!
It was of great help!
I have one more question, is there any free VM software? (I am just school student and I don’t have money and also I don’t want to bother my father about it!)

Follow this link

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@mukeshgurpude already linked to VirtualBox. It’s free.
Download the extension pack as well.

EDIT: When you’ve installed Linux, install the ‘guest editions’ on the Linux system. It makes the system more efficient and you can use more suitable screen resolutions.


Thank you so much!!!

Out of curiosity, why Kali? Many people go for Ubuntu or Mint as a first Linux. I would recommend Manjaro, though, because, well, I like it and software updates on a rolling-release, so you don’t have to wait months for the next version of an app.

Installing software on Linux is not like Windows. Are you using Windows?

The best place to ask questions about a particular Linux, is on that distribution’s forums, which will have users who use it daily to help you.

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Actually It’s not my first time with Linux I have run kali before on my android, so I know about it a bit.
And I wanna choose kali because I am in a bit of hacking cause I wanna learn hacking, not for job purpose or ethical hacking just for the knowledge and interest, and you know that for this purpsoe kali is best and I or any other person in respect with hacking can think of any other OS!!!

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I think you may be right about Kali. I might learn some elements of hacking in the future because I may run my own server, so I’d like to know how to hack it, so I can prevent others doing it.

I hope the installation/testing goes well for you.

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Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Uhmmmmmmmmmm I have RAM of only 4GB on this laptop so is it right to do it(vm and thing) on this laptop?

It works well for me…
But I don’t use it for long, so can’t say it’ll run smoothly after running for long…

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Thanks to both of you, I have been looking for free VM for a long time but only thing I found was VMware which isn’t free and I looked for this one too but thought it’s paid!!!
Now I can mess with scammers!!!

My 2 cents on this…
You want to get good at hacking and you just started?
Maybe it is better solution to start with simpler edition of linux(Ubuntu), start learning about networks and protocols, maybe enroll to some security certificates, learn about command line tools and learn about pentesting. It’s a HUGE area and simple install of Kali won’t get you anywhere, beside starting some pre-made tools, which you don’t know how to use properly.
As i earlier stated, this is just my opinion.


I know that brother and I have learn the basic operation and functioning of all the things you mentioned!!!11

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Linux isn’t too intense on RAM, but running a VM such as VirtualBox (free) will need more overhead. Saying that, you can allocate the amount of RAM and CPUs for the VM. Remember to install the ‘Guest Editions’ on the client side inside the VM.

If you have about $4 per month you can run a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for a couple of months, and try hacking it as much as you want. That may simulate real-life situations more. CINFU’s cheapest VPS is $4.56 per month (50GB and unlimited bandwidth). It’ll be good practice for setting up a server as well.