Help me with kali!

I have been trying to install kali on VM
and isn’t getting installed!
It’s fail on that “select and install software” step, would someone help me please!
And also I would like to mention I installed it before with no problem than deleted it due to some unspeakable reason and now it isn’t getting installed!

You have given very little information to go on.

  1. What VM are you using?

  2. What step are you referring to (might be obvious to you, but I have no idea).

  3. What error message are you getting, how is it failing the install?

I can’t really give you any help based on the information you have given, or it would just be completely random guessing, like for example if you have re-downloaded the image making sure the image is not corrupt (check the SHA256 against it).

I am using the Virtual Box VM
I referring to the step in which application packages install like all the tools desktop environment etc.
And the message is installation failed at “Select and install software” either skip or retry!!!
And the image is alright I have used it before it was working fine as mentioned but it’s failing this time!!!

So it’s the metapackages part of the install? Are you changing anything or just using the default selections. Not sure if it needs to download anything, but if so, is the network up and running?

There are pre-made virtualbox images as well you can try instead.

I didn’t change anything and my internet is up and running perfectly!!!
I chose all the packages to install but it isn’t doing so :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: !!!

Are you sure the network on the VM is working?

Anyway, I don’t really have anything else I can suggest, sorry. Like I said, maybe just try using one of the pre-made images instead?

Yeah I’ll have to no other option I think!