Kali Linux - VPN


I’m a new Kali Linux user and I wanted to install free VPN on it (unlimited data - something like VPN Proxy Master for Windows), but I can’t find a good tutorial on How to install VPN for Kali Linux :frowning:

Please help :slight_smile:

Something called “VPN Proxy Master for Windows” is rather unlikely to run on a Linux system. Check the VPN vendor’s documentation to see if they offer a Linux version. Most of the big name VPN vendors do have Linux support, so if you’re still looking, it’s a matter of about two minutes web searching.

Also, putting on my moderator hat for a moment: VPN discussions are a “done” topic around here, as in we’re not inviting recommendations of what VPN software to install.
Such threads tend to be never-ending and unproductive, so we’re nipping them in the bud. Not a problem for this thread, which isn’t asking for recommendations, I just wanted to put that out there.

Do you want to use a VPN client to connect to a VPN server?
Do you want to host your own VPN server so that other people can connect to you?
Do you actually understand what a VPN does and if it fits your needs?

Yes, I know what a VPN is - I want to use a VPN client to connect to a server (on Kali Linux)

VPN setup is a bit of an involved topic, and Kali is not exactly a beginner-friendly distribution for making this happen. Unless you’re a security professional, you likely have no need for Kali, and would benefit more from a distro like Ubuntu, which will be much more likely to work with an installer package from a VPN vendor. You can probably even find VPN software on the Snap Store.