Parrot OS or Kali Linux?

Hello, I was going through a online course on ethical hacking and got to know from instructors to use parrot os instead of the kali linux, will you please guide me which one to choose?

If the course uses parrot OS, I’d use that instead.

I don’t know much of cyber security, at least in regards to the actual nitty gritty. But while in school I was exposed to my schools cyber security clubs and interacted with a number of the people involved in that area. They used Kali Linux, which I did install and play around with in the past.

AFAIK each distro is just a combination of tools, which are mostly interchangeable. As such either OS should be ok, assuming they have access to the same tools.

However, it would be easier to follow along with your course if you have the same setup as what they are using. If anything, these are both Linux distros, so you could technically have both if you wanted to.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building (and keep ethically hacking ;D)

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