Keep working, don't give up!

I just completed my Front End Certification and I’m so proud to have done so! I just want to say to everyone else regardless of where you are in the curriculum or your journey don’t give up and don’t stop working hard! You can do it!

There were many points where I thought I would not be able to complete/figure out the challenge I was working on. One thing I found very helpful was after being stuck for an extended period of time I would just leave the challenge and continue working on others I had a better grasp of, to later return to the original challenge with a totally fresh perspective. This helpful me remain productive even when I found problems I couldn’t figure out at all.

Good luck everyone! And thanks for this awesome community.


I’ve been having the same problem. I recently started working as a cook again after taking some time off to get started here. Since then, I got stuck on the Tic Tac Toe game, and I’ve been struggling with it since. However, I also started redoing some of the previous challenges to get myself back into it and I find it’s really helped my understanding of the language. I find if you’re struggling with the front-end, then go back into the Object Oriented section and the intermediate algorithm section.

Awesome! Thank you for sharing and I know this will encourage others!

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