What challenges did you accomplish today? This Week? This Month?

What FCC challenges (or related programming things) have you accomplished recently?

Did you write some code you are extra proud of? What about something you may want to revisit and rewrite when you learn more?

I’m asking because while learning new things, its extremely important to take a moment and look back at everything you’ve done so far. Appreciated yourself for your accomplishments and use this as motivation to keep moving forward!

My answer,
Tonight I finished the Intermediate JavaScript algorithm challenges and I am really proud at all the times I used recursive functions! During the advanced algorithm section I am going to attempt to use recursive functions wherever applicable.

Keep up the good work everybody! If you need any help on any of the front end challenges feel free to reach out to me :slight_smile:

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I’ve finally finished writing an AI for my tic-tac-toe app that plays perfectly! The code needs massive refactoring. But hey, you need a working code first before you can refactor, so I’m all cool with it :smiley:

Now just one more project (Simon Game) before getting my Front End cert! :sunny:


Another one: I have earned my first star(s) on Github! It’s a silly (yet useful, at least for my usecase) Python script that transforms whatever is in your clipboard into a programming-syntax-friendly comment. It’s called commentify.


Good luck! :smiley: and great job!

Great job! Keep up the good work :smile:

Just finished the Tribute Page. Working on the Portfolio Page now.

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