Landing a develop job: Portfolio

I posted this yesterday in the project review forum but realized after I posted that it looked like a review of one of the first challenges, I forgot about the Portfolio zipline!

That said, I’m on the job hunt after completing the first two certs and being about a quarter of the way through the final one. I’ve been doing a ton of work on my own and am doing a few Coursera certs as well.

I’ve just relaunched a new portfolio and I’m looking for some critical review in terms of content, layout, readbility, etc. Bugs too.

You can find the link here:

FCC has been really great so far. For anyone who’s struggling, just remember that The Internet is a Playground: you have all the resources you need to learn, whether on FCC or elsewhere. FCC is great in pointing you in a direction but you WILL need to do your own research.

Thanks in advance folks.

-Nicholas :man_farmer:


Nice! I think the resume is original, maybe a bit too. But I like it. Dig the calculator. It was the first project I went to.

Very original design. I really like the way it collapses on mobile. However, your name is cut off on screens smaller than about 500px wide.

Good catch, I hadn’t realized that! I tested down to 700px, I’ll change that asap. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I was going for a bit of a retro vibe with that one :grinning:

I think a word or two was cut off there, the resume was a bit too what?

Too… hard to say, maybe a notch down, but I like the style.

Your cover page is spot on. In my opinion, must have been some sharp coding.

What is remainder ??

I’m sorry, I’m not sure I follow, what do you mean?

Thanks so much, I went through 2 other full designs (and too many minor iterations of each) before I landed on that one, Angular makes the data portion a breeze though, and super easy to update/add projects or pages, since I’m using repeating templates.

Very nice…

if I can suggest something ,is that on your Coding Work page, try to put some graphics, different colors, or something in each cell – to make it more look pretty. Right now, It looks “unfinished” or just a plain table display.

You’re completely right; I originally had images in each cell but the images were all different sizes and aspect ratios and I was having such a hard time getting them to behave uniformly that I scrapped them completely. But since both you and my roommate had the same advice, I think I’ll revisit the topic and make a set of uniform screenshots.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t have to be a screenshot image, it could just be the dominant color theme, or a graphic element, or colored pattern that is in that particular project.

I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll look into it and see what looks best. Great advice, thank you!

or resize uniformly in photoshop?

I worked on an apect ratio/image size manipulator. Seems it’s an important tool. Anyone else?

For sure an important tool. I use GIMP (open source photoshop) and Inkscape (open source illustrator) for a lot of image creation and manipulation, but doing a lot of manipulation manually like that can be tedious.

FYI, any and all project feedback goes in the Project Feedback category. Getting a Developer Job is a place to “Discuss the process of getting a developer job, including preparing, networking, and interviewing”.

I apologize, should I close/delete the topic?

Nope, everything has been handled. I closed your other topic just to keep things clean.

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