Landing Page finished. Feedback GREATLY appreciated

Hi All!! I just finished my Landing Page for the responsive design projects. Here it is . This is actually an idea for a business I have been thinking about starting in real life, as I already have a lot of expierience in this particular field. Any feedback, both negative and positive, is GREATLY appreciated. If you want to critique my business idea as well, that is also welcome. Thank You in Advance.

I like it a lot.

However, the caption under the mission image if blurry. Maybe because you are using text shadow.

Also, I thought it would be great if you could increase the line height for the unordered list. I don’t know if that is possible.

I think you did a great job using flex and grid. There is a small gap with the yellow div on the right. Can you align it to end with the other div’s?

I’m just learning, but I think it’s great
I’d give you a 97%. Great idea for a business too.

I viewed it on my phone if that makes a difference.

I think you should use flexbox and the grid system for this page. It’s very responsive, however, when I am on a different page I need to know that I am so consider changing something to make it easier on the user to know when they’re on a different page. Good job though!!

Hi @kolsen86, you did a great job!
I have some advice’s for you also:

  1. The text of Submit button is not on center, this is how it looks at my end.
  2. In mobile at very top of the page i can’t see the content because the navigation is over the content. What you need there is to try working with padding and margin to create a space between navigation and content.
    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

You could add margin: 0 and padding: 0 on your body, html css style. This will remove the default padding/margin of the body so you won’t have to deal with the sidescroll left/right.

Thank you for your review. That is what seems to be giving me the most problems is responsiveness. Also, I had heard of removing the margin, but not of removing the padding as well. I am going to have to try that out. Many Thanks!!

Thank you very much Helen. I am going to go back and work on the responsiveness of it all. You, and everyone else, has given me some great critiques. I will post back after I have fixed these issues. Once again, Many Thanks!

@sirstookie2k6 I am unsure if I am understanding. The whole website is just that single page. I had just researched how to make the navigation links go to a different part of the page. If I am understanding what you are saying wrong, if you could please explain it differently I would greatly appreciate it! I am trying to learn every little thing I can and any critique is important to me.

Overall I liked it alot, but on my screen some of the text was difficult to read. It may have been just a problem with my monitor or eyes, but you might want to check it out.