Landing page issue Fixed position

Landing page wants me to make my headers position fixed. i did that. only issue is now I can’t scroll through the rest of the page. no idea what i am doing wrong. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @funboy1986 !

You do have a few issues in your html and css.

The first thing you should do is format your html and css.
Properly formatted code will help you find errors faster.

Then run your code through the html validator.

In you css, you forgot a set of curly braces for the media query.

@media(max-height: 20px)

  text-align: center;

For the scroll issue, you are missing a header end tag.
Once I fixed that then I was able to get the scroll working on your page.

Hope that helps!

Also, please don’t use br tags like this


You should use css instead when you want to create space between elements.

Here is the proper use for br tags. :grinning:

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Hey, thanks for the help. I tried putting the closing tag for header. It allowed me to scroll but the test failed. Any suggestions what I may be doing wrong?

As of right now, all the tests are passing but the scroll issue is back and the end header tag is missing.

First and foremost, you need to clean up the html.
Focus on fixing all of the syntax errors and formatting your code then it will be much easier to figure out why the tests would not be passing.

While it is important to pass the user stories, it is also important to write proper html and css.

Hope that helps!

okay, i’ll start with that. thanks for the guidance.

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