Laptop stickers with "freeCodeCamp" more visible

Laptop stickers with "freeCodeCamp" more visible
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If the point of the laptop stickers is to attract attention to Free Code Camp, or so you can be recognised as a camper, I think “Free Code Camp” should be as readable-from-a-distance as possible, i.e. the largest (or only) part of the sticker.


Like this:


Thanks for the feedback, Will. We may try and create some wider ones in the future. The main problem is our community’s name is quite long (12 characters, plus the icon). So it doesn’t lend itself well to a symmetrical sticker size.


What do you mean by a symmetrical size? Here’s a photo of my use case. I’d put the new sticker where the old one is.


I mean a shape where every side is the same length (or in this case, the sticker is circular). We would need a completely different sticker shape in order to fit the freeCodeCamp logo on it.