Large Business Apllication with React and .Net core 2.2

Hi there :slight_smile:

Soon I start working on a big and data heavy business web application. For that I am going for the following technologies:

  • .Net core 2.2
  • MS SQL
  • React

The plan is to start of with a .net core web application and the nuget package for react for frontend stuff and routing. There are some cshtml pages containing React components. These components consume a Web API, which will be coded in a separate Web API .net core project. The data access (with Entity Framwork) lies in a class library and can be used by both applications. There will be also another class library containing the business logic.

My questions are:

  1. is it good practice to split up the applications like that?
  2. is React “too much” for a component based usage? So I would only use it in some places where I need Javascript actions, otherwise .net core Serverpages and Razor views will work
  3. Do you guys know a good way to secure both applications (web and api)? There should be a Loginpage which automatically authenticates the user for both. I thought about Identity Server. Is this scenario possible with Identity Server and would it make sense to set it up like that?

Thanks for giving me some tipps concerning my plan :slight_smile:

Best whishes

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I;d like to know more about tips of MS SQL too.

@Placts Can you give more information about what exactly? The database handling is pretty straight forward with Entity Framework, and with code first you don’t need too touch the DB itself anymore (at least for small applications). Checkout this page: -><-