Looking for 2-3 people for a project

I’d like to put together a small group to collaborate on a project. Any skill levels welcome but strong front-end would be helpful as that’s my weak area. I am open to project ideas but I want to build something live, useful and interesting.

I am also open minded about stacks but what I know are:

  • CentOS or a shared Windows host ( I have access to either)
  • SQL Server or MySQL (preferably SQL Server)
  • ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Core (Though I’m new to Core)

Other options I’d be interested in using are:

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • MongoDB
    (but I’m inexperienced with these)

An idea I have for a project is an app that:

  1. Reads transaction data from bank accounts
  2. Analyzes spending patterns
  3. Displays transactions to user
  4. Highlights transactions which are correlated to over-spending

I have a rough idea of how to do much of this already including formulas and where to get bank data. However, I’m not set on this app and am open to suggestions.

My background:

  • Have built WordPress and html/css sites for businesses and organizations
  • Work for a large company where a small part of my job involves intranet administration and web design.
  • Some software development education but mostly self-taught
  • Trying to break into full-time software development

I want to do this project the right way. If interested, PM me or reply and tell me about yourself.

hi i can do

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • MongoDB
    i know these thing

I am interested, I know same tech stack as yours. Let me know.

Hello, Im a Full stack dev, I already have worked with Ruby on rails building dinamic server side web pages, also i have worked with react.js, node.js, mongo (but I only recommend to use it, when you don’t have complex database relations otherwise would be a nightmare) also worked with react native, so if want to develop an ios app or android app, there’s no problem at all. so Let me know if you’re interested