Nodejs Project Ideas

Hello Everyone! I learnt Nodejs couple of months ago, and It is being faded in my mind since I lost touch with it. So, I was thinking to build something in it, which can have all the CRUD features along with passport authentication etc.
Do you have any idea what I should built? Any dope or nice ideas will be highly appreciated! :smiley:

You should try to build one or more of these projects in the Free Code Camp curriculum

I think the FCC projects are a great start, as if you get stuck you can always come back here to get help.

You could go build stuff that could leverage the JavaScript skills you have in totally different use-cases from web-apps, like a command line utility, use nodejs to solve common programming exercises, or just go about building any web app you can think of. An Evernote clone, a basic Facebook clone, etc etc. I’d focus less on the front-end and focus mostly on the nodejs side of things.

If you already have experience with nodejs/JavaScript I recommend taking things a little further and going out to learn some newer things to “expand your horizons” when it comes to developing with nodejs. So like if you used mongodb before, maybe try out an SQL database this time. Or if you used express, maybe use a different lib to handle your http server.

If you really wanted to dive deep into nodejs, why not start by reading about what it can do from its api. This might give you ideas of at least stuff you can play around with, and see what it can do :smiley:

Looks interesting to me! :wink: Will look into it. Thank you so much @bradtaniguchi!

Thank you @RandellDawson, will look into it for sure! :slight_smile: