LaTeX forum creation


Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, I just wondered if we could perhaps have a forum for LaTeX please. LaTeX is a type setting and document preparation system ( )

Would be nice to be able to chat to other users and also help as there are some really cool things you can do with this, esp with drawing and the tigz package.

Currently have this installed but am also using overleaf ( ) which is an online editor and also good for people who want to get started without the hassle of undertaking a full local install.



Calling @JeremyLT!

In terms of a forum category, if there is a significant amount of conversation about it, we’ll create a category and move threads into it. In the mean time, feel free to discus LaTeX in General or Help (as appropriate).

Cool thanks, so on this if anyone is interested in a specific category, please reply here, otherwise. In the meantime I will just discuss in General.


LaTeX is still alive? Cool!

I remember I looked into it when I took my degree in electronics in the mid 90s.

I am not an academic or a uni student, Other than a few Open University certificates. I find LaTeX useful for document creation. For me it is easier to use than Libreoffice, partly as if I say I want something in lower case at the start of a like (e.g url) it gets on with it, and doesn’t try and make the first letter a capital letter for grammar. Or in the editor it is not clickable, where as libreoffice / word make urls clickable which is a pain. I am in control of what I want not what the software thinks I want.

Mostly using Overleaf, This is cloud based and all the various classes, packages are there.

I am also using it to make match day programs for my local American Football team ( I am in the United Kingdom). so LaTeX is alive and well and being used in other areas too.

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