Learn Bash By Building BoilerPlate - Website filetree command potential bug

Started with the container and course today. Had stopped it at one point and restarted.

Have followed the hints and troubleshooting steps. Used the reset on the step, exited the terminal as well.

Have the file tree produced by using the find website command. Have also attempted the hint of changing directories by cd ~/project/website without luck.

Any other suggestions so I don’t lose my progress or is there a way to skip this step and keep moving forward?

Hi, which step are you on?

Hi Zaira,

Apologies, the CodeAlly course doesn’t list out the step numbers for easy reference.

The text of the step direction is: :smile: View the file tree of the website folder to see what else you need to do.

From googling the FCC repo ( learn-bash-by-building-a-boilerplate/TUTORIAL.md at main · freeCodeCamp/learn-bash-by-building-a-boilerplate · GitHub ), it appears that this is step 970.1

I have tried from both ~/projects and ~/projects/website and still am not able to pass.

Thank you!

Ok, so you need to be inside the website folder too and then use the find command.

  • Enter cd ~/project/website to get to the website folder.
  • Enter the find command.
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Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Had been able to print the file tree a different way but this way passes the tests.

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