Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs - Finished

I have completed the course but my profiles does not get updated.

How do I need to logout for this to update my profile?

I also have the same issue today @jmhonhart. Any guess @moT01 ?

Sorry for your troubles @jmhonhart @dojoaosantos - there are some troubleshooting steps you should try here. They should work - let us know if they don’t.

@moT01 Thanks for your answer, I have performing almost all the steps quoted in the link that you provided and no one works. The final one is delete the container but i guess that is not the best option, I’ll lost 3 hours of my time and invest again other 3 hours to have done and probably have the same error, please FreeCodecamp provide us a better fix. Can you imagine the amount of students that are in our situation? and the decide no go with your platform? cc @jmhonhart

You should only need to try the steps in the Issues with your progress getting saved area that I linked. I would give them one more try - it should only take a few minutes to try those. It’s possible something else is going wrong, I really feel like that should work though. If it still doesn’t, you could delete the container and start over - I would just move on the next course though. Maybe come back to this one later.

Curious, you are on the 4th course in that section - did the first three get saved?

These courses are more complex than anything we have on the site - sometimes there’s some hiccups. We are continuing to try and improve the user experience.

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