Learn bash scripting by building five programs Stuck at loop commands initial topic

Stuck at this point
Command used

help for 
help white

I might be wrong at interpreting question ,Any help will do!!!.

Your code doesn’t have a loop in it.

Thanks !! for the reply but it kinda not detecting it or something wrong in this

On running : it gives error run with correct argument

Try using the reset button @b-bhupendra. If that doesn’t work close, and reopen the terminal - type exit into it or use the trash can icon at the top right of it to close it, don’t use the x. Let us know if either of those work.

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Issue still persist

  1. Tried resetting and rewriting code and executing it
  2. Tried exit and reopening the terminal

Having the same issue. I’m stuck at typing help while. It won’t let me progress

Trashing the terminal worked. Thanks

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