Learn Basic?! JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game


Last week i finished the “Responsive web design” curriculum and i was so excited to jump on to JavaScript. Now, after i finished the Role Playing Game i feel frustrated and maybe a little dumb?! I find it too hard!
I did all the steps but didn’t understood most of them. I believe i retained less than 20% of what i supposed to do.

Flexbox and Grid now seems like a walk in the park!

Anyone else feels that way?

I’m thinking to start a free JavaScript course at Scriba from Per Harald Borgen or the old FFC Javascript curriculum hopping to teach me the very basics.

I’m not giving up but it’s not as easy as i thought…
Rant over
Any advice is welcome

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:partying_face:welcome to community :+1:

I also have had like this trouble in react course at this time I complete Scrima react course and after I complete FCC react challenges and get certificate.

but try to do " JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures" course in legacy curriculum it’s not too hard.

when you feel frustrated :melting_face: doing your course stop it and get a break and try again.
specially- I think this is your first programing language, so you have to spend more time to understand it. Don’t worry about Be happy you are a normal man like us!


JavaScript is hard to learn after starting with HTML/CSS. Its a different sort of language altogether.


Thank you
Glad to be part of the FFC community! :partying_face: