Learn Classes and Objects by Building a Sudoku Solver - Step 44

i don’t know what i’m doing wrong, please help

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class Board:
    def __init__(self, board):
        self.board = board

    def __str__(self):
        upper_lines = f'\n╔═══{"╤═══"*2}{"╦═══"}{"╤═══"*2}{"╦═══"}{"╤═══"*2}╗\n'
        middle_lines = f'╟───{"┼───"*2}{"╫───"}{"┼───"*2}{"╫───"}{"┼───"*2}╢\n'
        lower_lines = f'╚═══{"╧═══"*2}{"╩═══"}{"╧═══"*2}{"╩═══"}{"╧═══"*2}╝\n'
        board_string = upper_lines
        for index, line in enumerate(self.board):
            row_list = []
            for square_no, part in enumerate([line[:3], line[3:6], line[6:]], start=1):
                row_square = '|'.join(str(item) for item in part)
                if square_no != 3:

            row = f'║ {" ".join(row_list)} ║\n'
            row_empty = row.replace('0', ' ')
            board_string += row_empty

            if index < 8:
                if index % 3 == 2:
                    board_string += f'╠═══{"╪═══"*2}{"╬═══"}{"╪═══"*2}{"╬═══"}{"╪═══"*2}╣\n'
                    board_string += middle_lines
                board_string += lower_lines

        return board_string

    def find_empty_cell(self):
        for row, contents in enumerate(self.board):
                col = contents.index(0)
                return row, col
            except ValueError:
        return None

    def valid_in_row(self, row, num):
        return num not in self.board[row]

    def valid_in_col(self, col, num):
        return all(
            self.board[row][col] != num
            for row in range(9)

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    def valid_in_square(self, row, col, num):

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Learn Classes and Objects by Building a Sudoku Solver - Step 44

How have you created other functions in the past? Is there something you put on the second line?

I put pass on the second line but it still didn’t work

Hi @carrie1

Your code passes.
Reset the step and try again. If that doesn’t work, refresh the page, disable dark mode, disable ad blockers. Or, use another browser.
If the above steps do not work, you may need to restart the computer.

Happy coding

Your code passes, just ass pass keyword in the body and make sure the indentation is correct.

I restarted it and it worked, thanks.

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