Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 20

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<article class="brief-history">
           <h3 class="list-title">A Brief History</h3>
          <p>Of the Curriculum</p>
          <ul class="lists">
  <h4 class="list-subtitle">V1 - 2014</h4>
  <p>We launched freeCodeCamp with a simple list of 15 resources, including Harvard's CS50 and Stanford's Database Class.<p>
        <h4 class="list-subtitle">V2 - 2015</h4>
        <p>We added interactive algorithm challenges</p>
              <h4 class="list-subtitle">V3 - 2015</h4>
              <p>We added our own HTML+CSS challenges (before we'd been relying on General Assembly's Dash course for these).</p>
              <h4 class="list-subtitle">V4 - 2016</h4>
              <p>We expanded the curriculum to 3 certifications, including Front End, Back End, and Data Visualization. They each had 10 required projects, but only the Front End section had its own challenges. For the other certs, we were still using external resources like Node School.</p>
              <h4 class="list-subtitle">V5 - 2017</h4>
    <p>We added the back end and data visualization challenges.</p>
              <h4 class="list-subtitle">V6 - 2018</h4>
              <p>We launched 6 new certifications to replace our old ones. This was the biggest curriculum improvement to date.</p>


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Challenge: Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 20

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