Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App

Hi there! So I am currently on step 60 for Learn HTML by Building a Cat Photo App. When I access the step, no instructions are provided. What I see on my screen is my code I have worked on so far and the content of the web app.

How can I fix this technical issue I am experiencing so that I can move on to receive 100 percent completion for this section?

I am still facing the same issue and restarted the browser to see if anything changed but nothing has changed.

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Hi @ac5891358

Sorry about that. Could you take a screenshot of your code and share it here. This is the instruction I see in step 60 on my end.

Hey @nibble yeah here is what I am seeing on my end without giving away as much of my code as I am able to.

I can’t tell what’s wrong. I suggest you try accessing FCC using a different browser. Also try disabling browser extensions if you have them.

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