Learn HTML Forms by Building a Registration Form - Step 41

Please how can I retrieve the codes of a previous project I have gone past

If the project has advanced you past then you have successfully completed the steps as required. If you are looking to just view your work, while you’re in the ‘text editor’ of freeCodeCamp you should just be able to scroll up and view how far you’ve come!

Hope this helps, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks for commenting. But I mean having completed a project, can I get back the codes

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I really hope this image shows up for you :slight_smile: so, the 2 bars in the code editor are moveable, if you hover over them you can move them side to side.
When you have fully completed your challenge, go back into it, into the last step.
Resize your screen and use your mouse to highlight all of your work. Right Click and hit copy. Then open your code editor…like VS Code/Visual Studio Code , open a new file and name it appropriately. Like for this one I would probably put cafe.html, so the editor knows how to format your work. Right click in your empty file screen and go to paste.

Your code should lay out nicely and from there you’ll be able to save it :slight_smile:

Just as a heads up, I created this little walk through for you on the fly. Don’t reference my file naming in your code editor. Youll have it all messed up :face_with_hand_over_mouth: And if you need help with ANYTHING else coding, dont hesitate to reach out. I’ll help where I can.

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