Use FreeCodeCamp editor or my own?

1.) Will I be able to access the code to the finished projects?
2.) Where can I see my finished projects?
3.) Should I be doing the steps on a separate text editor so I have the projects?

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Considering I just lost an hours work because I accidently closed the window, I would advise typing your actual code in or VS Code, then transferring over.

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Sorry, to actually answer your other questions:

  1. Yes you will be able to access your finished projects, just select the wanted project in the curriculum section.
  2. Same as 1.
  3. You can do the steps in fCC, or you can do it on a separate code editor, like or VS Code. However you won’t be able to run the tests from those, you’ll have to copy/paste your code into the relevant section of fCC.
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Thank you very much.

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