I am not able to understand where to put a element in this step

This step is unique in that you have to edit both the HTML file (index.html) and the CSS file (styles.css). So you’ll need to open the styles.csseditor as well and add the CSS to change the color of the link. That’s what the hint is trying to tell you.

This step will eventually be split into two separate steps.

okk i will break into steps1- it told me to add inline class in input, after label and now its telling me to add an a element but i have already added a element for terms and condition. and also tried to add class to a element and then add a color to it in CSS but not working

You don’t need to break anything into steps here. I was just stating that eventually this step will be broken into two separate steps, one for adding the inline class and one for adding the CSS. But until then, you need to add the CSS to the styles.css editor.

Have I made it clear that you need to open the CSS editor and add the CSS there?

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