Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database - Build a Mario Database

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The task was to rename the first_database to mario_database,
but the list shows database with name of second_database,
I tried for both but getting error , for first_databse the error is database does not exit and for second_database its showing error current database cannot be renamed

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Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database - Build a Mario Database

Try resetting the step with that reset button.

Hey @moT01 , I have already did that, just now also I tried resetting the step with reset button, but in the list of databases, there is only second_database not the one of whom I have to rename it, i.e. first_database, now what should I do, I am new to coding & its testing my patience…

The Relational Database courses can be particularly frustrating when you get stuck in an area by no fault of your own.

Your progress is saved in browser storage and it can make things behave a little goofy if you switch browsers. So if you started the course, took a break, and tried to continue with a different browser, you will either need to try to continue using that browser you started with or start from the beginning again. I would recommend trying to finish a course in one sitting.

Perhaps there’s a bug on that step - specifically with that reset command. The reset button should put things where they need to be at the start of the step you are on - but it’s not creating that first_database. You could try creating it yourself first (CREATE DATABASE first_database;) and then renaming it.

Hey @moT01 thank you so much for your help, I did the similar thing, just one thing that it was not allowing me to create database in the ‘mario_database’ so I change the database to ‘postgres’ and created the ‘frist_database’ and swichback to ‘mario_database’, thus I completed this task of renaming. Also I just complete the " Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database" and moving to " Celestial Bodies Database" :innocent:
Thank you alot once again @moT01 :pray:

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