Learn sql by building a student database part 1

Hello, i have added the row but the answer is not getting recognised, total newb can someone help me here

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I think you have not typed the row correctly (should the word structures start with a capital S?)

Reset and try again and pls pay attention to the details.

it still says the same things and doesnt move to the next topic

thank you for the reply

how did you do the insert? (what was the exact command?)

(you can copy from the terminal what you typed by selecting it and right-click then choose copy.

the code was copied from the hint itself and the row gets added but it does not go further than this for some reason

and the row was inserted successfully thats how im getting the output in row 1

can you show me what the hint said?

the output

i just noticed that your prompt is not looking as I expect it to look if you are connected to the students database.

Can you reset one more time, run the connect to students command then redo the step?

as i said total noob can you just explain what to do a bit more detailed please

thank you used \c students and it worked, thankyou for the help

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