Learning path - need advice

Hello - I wanted to get some help on how to continue my learning path.

I have done the basics of JS via FCC and then React via another online course. I recently went through one of the most comprehensive video tutorials (albeit outdated now) for d3.js.

My goal is to create a profile with data viz projects. I work in international development and there is a need for compelling (aka your eyes don’t get tired looking at them cause they’re pretty) and insightful and interactive charts. At best, we can manage 2 of those 3. At worst, the data is presented in a very dry and boring manner.

So I want to know what next steps should be? I obviously need to update my d3 knowledge so it’s at least at v4. But then should I learn pure d3 v4…or should I just skip to a library that uses d3…?

A (very) stubborn part of me finds the “low-level”-ness of d3 appealing - it is more challenging, fewer people know it, it gives more flexibility (although I am not sure where that line is given that I only just started d3 and haven’t learnt any libraries built on it).

Or should I learn observable…? (Also by Bostock).

To give you a sense of where I want to end up, see this project and specifically, the mockup provided:

I appreciate any input that can help me make my next decision.