Learning projects

Hi guys,how are you?
I ask a simple question (maybe?!?) :there are projects on web where I can to learn how are structured them.
More than anything to learn to unite front-end and back-end.
The languages ​​I want to use are those of FCC (html, css, javascript, react etc …)

Thanks :robot:

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Are you asking how you can structure an application when starting from an empty, blank document?

yes, but not only. What are the procedures to do?

Most tips will advise you to break the problem down into small parts. That way you can focus on smaller sections of the project that can be put together to create the full application.

I usually focus on the logic first, most pages require some sort form or html inputs. So I create some form inputs and make sure the logic of the application is working and then I move on to design/UI

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I found this but I don’t know if it’s right for me: