Learning to learn, motivation and failure

Hey, i made a blog post that might be interesting to some of you, usually i write reviews but i failed at basically everything this month, and i talked about the relation between failure, motivation and willpower.


Any grammatical mistakes, critiques or advice are all welcome. Last month i reviewed introductory material into computer science, if anyone is interested just check the last post. I also have a list of learning material on the blog: https://cscareerblog.wordpress.com/list-of-learning-resources/



Thanks for posting! I added your list of resources to a folder I keep in my Chrome bookmarks. I am just working my way through the FCC curriculum, so I skimmed a lot your blog since I am not ready for all of the different languages.

Absolutely, though, studying by yourself is a huge challenge and keeping motivation is tough. The problem is not a lack of resources, if anything there are too many resources out there and it can be overwhelming.

I have been tempted to go and do other courses or learning systems, but I’ve found that sticking through the curriculum here has kept me motivated and continuing to learn new concepts. In going through the challenges here, I have really tried to self examine and figure out what I do and don’t understand, and then seek out additional reading or videos to understand the concepts that I am lacking in. It’s working so far!

Thanks for sharing your post!

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I’m following a resource similar to freecodecamp, however focused on self studying and computer science.

I don’t follow it 100% however, i follow the structure and concepts but not the courses, sometimes they’re not as good as i look for so i switch it up with something better, while sticking to the subjects of each course.
https://github.com/open-source-society/computer-science is what i’m using, my list of learning resources is a little overwhelming at first but i don’t really plan on doing it all, it’s just a place to go to whenever i need to learn something new, almost surely i’ll find it there.

Thanks a lot for commenting, good luck on your journey.