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Hello everyone,this is my portfolio :blush:

Well i think it looks pretty. But when i examined your code i realized that there are some codes that do nothing. For exemple, Dior project/css/line 85 . In general i think your portfolio is good.

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Hello there @Kseniya great effort so far.

  • Although this doesn’t really matter much but I’d advice having at the very least an image preview of your projects. In real world scenarios this is considered highly important I think.
  • Ideally when you set up :hover on elements you want them to happen over time which you did with your nav but seems to be missing on every other elements.
  • You did a good job adding the hero image.
  • You seem to have a stray <div> on line 23. This might be as a result of your <div class="container flex-between-center"> being closed immediately on line 9.
  • In place of “Some of my projects” you can use “My projects”. If you have more than the projects on display it’s fine not to include every single project you worked on but displaying your best works is important. If anyone needs to see “all” of your projects they can always request your GitHub or Codepen username.
  • Lastly in place of “Contacts” you can use “Contact me” which sounds a bit better.

You’re off to a great start but it doesn’t end here. Keep practicing, keep learning and keep coding. This might be late but welcome to the FCC community. Happy coding :+1:!

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“…having at the very least an image preview of your projects”

Definitely agree. I would say an image of your pages is a must. Preferably not a boring screen shot either.

See link for a good example of displaying an image of projects on your portfolio.

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