Lessons not showing as complete

Tell us what’s happening:
My lessons are no showing a completed even after I’ve done them. Why?

you might have not passed all the test please check again

Do them again sometimes happened to me as well.

Thanks for your responses guys. I don’t understand why I’m not passing the tests when I’m typing in the correct codes and getting the desired results. I click run test and it says running tests for ages, then nothing after. I don’t get a tick in the curriculum page. Frustrating!

Do you have a good internet connection? Also, did you clean cache? Which browser do you have? Is it compatible with FCC?

Hi. I recently got a new laptop, and experienced the same thing using internet explorer (edge?)
I shiftet to chrome and the problem went away

Thanks so much Tom. I had switched devices and wasn’t using chrome but when I switched to chrome, that fixed the problem. You’re a star!

Cheers mate, glad to help!