Let`s code together, in-person - New Delhi/NCR

I believe that coding alone makes learning process boring, demotivating and procrastinating. If you are from New Delhi/NCR, let`s form a study group and code together, in-person to boost our efficiency.


Here you can join and learn more thing as you wish .

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hey gunjan if by coding you mean towards Web design (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jquery, js) then I am here with you.


I want to start career in development.

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That`s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

I am planning to start Redux. Let me know if you`re interested.

Let me know whenever you start curriculum challenges.

I love to do coding dude.lets make a group.

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Where and how we have to join tell us…

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Facebook group is really inactive so better join discord where we can discuss

Hey i am bit a late to replay for your post
I am learning React
I know Django, and rest framework(But still iam not a pro)
I am so excited to join for your group
we can learn React and Redux together