LETS bring back Bootstrap3 to codepen


As many of you know and have experienced,
codepen for some reason removed bootstrap 3 completely
and many of campers have problems with this since here we currently
learn how to code with that version. And since all is relatively new to most of you
I suggest - lets join forces to bring back this version on codepen to be used via Quickadd
and be distincted as Bootstrap 3

You can send polite message to codepen support https://codepen.io/support/
or tweet to them on twitter @CodePen with mentioned hashtag.

I am sure if bunch of us joins in this valid request,
they won’t deny us this, and they will bring it back.

Lets stand up for this one. Nicely. Assertively.

Thumbs up. :+1:
I’m with you on this one.

Here’s an idea. Make a forum post similar to this one where you compile links to all the FCC Forum threads that show how common this problem is for the students here. Maybe even link to another site that complains about the same issue.

Let the thread grow and send them a link to it. This would be a supplement to individuals sending polite messages to use Bootstrap 3 of course.

I haven’t looked into it but maybe they have their reasons for switching to 4 as default and have addressed it in a blog or forum post on the Codepen site?

Just some thoughts.

I think since Bootstrap 4 is still alpha, this is a valid suggestion.

Although personally, I don’t necessarily think they need to add it back into the quick add menu, I do agree they should at least make the versioning more distinct.

Paying attention to dependency versions is an inevitable part of web development in general, so sooner you see it, the more aware you are to them.

Switching back to Bootstrap 3 is as simple as finding a CDN link for it and add it to CodePen. It is not the most complicated thing to figure out when people are aware of it.

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that’s true. people are just not aware of it, or where could they find link for that.
coz they’re n00bs trying to do their first real task in coding.

At the very least codepen should have it as an option in the quick add menu.

While I sympathize, I see it more as the responsibility of FCC or other teaching resources to keep their learner aware of what version of bootstrap is consistent with their teaching. What happens if hypothetically Bootstrap 5 comes out and FCC hasn’t updated its materials? Do we lobby CodePen to add yet another version of it to their quick-add menu? where does it end?

CodePen itself serve a greater audience, and I’m sure restricting the quick add menu to only a selected few commonly used libraries and frameworks and pointing to their most recent version is a design choice. Imagine if they have to keep legacy versions of every library and framework, then the menu would quickly grow unruly and lose its convenience.

I have more of a problem with it deciding to migrate over to bootstrap4 because bootstrap 4 is still in alpha, but I can also understand that since codepen serves more as a prototyping and experimental tool rather than production tool, it makes more sense to support the latest rather the most stable.


We hear ya, gang!

In general, we think giving you a link to whatever the latest-greatest copy of a library is the best way to go. That means we can do things like use an API that provides this information to keep those links up-to-date, and not have it be a thing that we need to keep up to date by hand (which would require near daily work!)

This is a special circumstance though. Bootstrap is an enormous project with loads of users, and version 4 is majorly different than 3. Plus, version 4 is still alpha, and has been for over a year and a half, so it seems a little unclear what the future is there.

I think it’s reasonable to offer links to both versions in CodePen, so we’ll get that out soon.


Thank you @chriscoyier . Can we please get 2 different javascript versions as well?

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(Adding extra characters because this forum software won’t let me say just “Yep.”)