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I feel as though Learn More About CSS Pseudo Selectors By Building A Balance Sheet course skims through the important parts of HTML and goes into pretty complicated CSS rules without explaining them much, almost implying to just copy and paste the instructions and code, hoping that students would just get it right and understand how to build responsive tables.

So, I’ve found the course from Mozilla that goes into the basics of HTML tables, how to style them, why do you need to do all that, and how to love tables and not hate them, the same thing I felt after half the fCC table course.

This helped me a lot, and again made me think I can do this. So, I hope you can do this too.

Much love.


Thank you. I’m currently in middle of this course and though its great am finding it a little tough to understand. I’m gonna read this before resuming the course. I appreciate you taking the time to help others, thank you!

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Great, glad this will help someone.

The thing I would recommend — do the “active learning” part to practice the things you’ve read. I download the .html and .css files in a new folder and open it via Visual Studio Code. You can choose any other IDE.

After completing the basic and advanced Mozilla table topics, you can add them to your GitHub and show your work to the future recruiter or go back and refresh your knowledge:)

These are mine folders so far.


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Im not quite sure what you mean.


Sure, let me explain.

The link I’ve provided has a few articles on how to create tables with HTML. It gives you enough theory before asking you to practice the things you’ve learnt. This is how the ‘Active Learning’ part looks like.

Instead of just reading the theory and going back to fCC straight away, I suggest doing the active learning parts, too.

If you want to be 100% sure that you can nail every HTML table, make sure to go through all the 3 articles, especially the planet one.


I’ve completed the table course in fCC today. Some CSS parts are still confusing to me, but now I know a lot about HTML structure of a table.

Much love

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