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I recently got my certificate for RSW, but before I move on to other certificates I am trying to make sure I understand all of the concepts as best I can. I did (and still do) feel at times that I’m just trying to guess some of the proper HTML tags and how to style them in CSS.
I’ve been watching lots of YouTube instructions, taking a separate Responsive Web course, doing Scrimba tutorials, etc. I went to Frontend Mentor to try and recreate some of the projects there, and I quickly felt like I was in over my head. So frustrating! Do I still not know what I’m doing?!
So, I popped over to Skillshare. I forgot to cancel my subscription(oops), so I am able to take classes all year. There are a lot of web development classes over there. And I just found a great one that literally walks you step-by-step through creating 3 different webpages. It’s really helping me to understand how to structure HTML (and why do it a certain way), and also how to write efficient CSS to style the page. I’m also adding in notes with my comments to remind myself why I do something a certain way.
Anyway, if you are interested in getting some more practice and instruction, check this out: Webpage build practice
(You can get a one-month free trial for Skillshare, if you don’t have a subscription.)


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That is what makes them challenging and a learning experience. If they were all easy you wouldn’t learn much doing them. I would suggest you just accept that you won’t always know how to create a layout or specific effect and use that challenge to learn more.

You will rarely just get the right approach at first. You just try your best, refactor along the way, and often end up with code nothing like what you started with. Even if you just get part of the layout right it can still teach you something and help solidify knowledge.

Keep at it, happy coding.


Thank you! Yes, I realize that is the goal, and I do want to be challenged. Personally, I think a little bit more guided practice may be useful to me before I give those a try again. I am still not very clear on the concept of positioning, and it’s useful to me to see different approaches to this and then apply them myself. But eventually the goal is to understand these concepts well enough that I can figure out how to position something on my own.
I appreciate your encouragement!

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