LinkedIn profile for self-taught web developers

Hello everyone.
I am still in the learning phase.I am trying to learn MERN stack and trying to build some projects. As such, I don’t have real world experience. How do I setup a linked in profile?

hello and welcome back to fcc forum :slight_smile:

checkout leon noel, danny thompson in youtube and other platforms, if you havent already…

good luck and happy coding :slight_smile:

It sounds like there isn’t anything programming related to add to your LinkedIn profile yet.


Just set the LI profile up and be honest about being a student. You can already start building your network with software developers and other IT professionals. Especially the cyber security folks have many “Social Saturdays” where you can ask for connections into IT.

Best write a short, friendly note when asking for a connection and tell them you are a student seeking to build your network.

Also don’t mind the constant spamming by LinkedIn for their premium account. It is expensive and I don’t see the point of having one, unless you are looking hard for a job (even then I’m not sure).

Much success on your way!

@bappyasif Thank you for the reply. I will check them out.

@ArielLeslie Thank you for the reply.

@DanielHuebschmann True. I can try and build a network for now. Thank you.