LinkedIn profile review for a coding bootcamp graduate with no experinece

hello everybody, I decide that before I go job searching that I would get some reviews on my linkedin profile. I’m an 18 year old fullstack dev who just got out of bootcamp. I have a few projects under my name, but not real world experience. So I built my linkedin profile, and thought that maybe i should get some reviews from you guys if I’ve done any good or not? Here’s the link to my linkedin:



Hi, I don’t come here to correct or suggest anything. Can’t be helpful on that as I’m way behind you, but hey, looks amazing! Read your story in your blog and it is very inspiring. So admirable all you’ve achieved so far. Motivated me to keep on studying today. Thanks a lot! Best of luck in finding a job :slight_smile:


Thanks alot. But i’m going to move my blogs to .You can catch me there if you want to see anything else. Again, thanks

Hello @fanatII1, one thing that stuck out right away was your headline:

Frontend Developer || Backend Developer || Fullstack Developer (MERN Stack)

A Fullstack Developer is both a frontend and backend developer so it’ll be best to just keep full-stack developer as your headline if that is what you are. Otherwise, pick Frontend or Backend as your headline.

Another thing, a Linkedin profile is more like a sales pitch (think of it as an elevator pitch) so your About section needs to be short, concise, and straight to the point not an autobiography. The interview is when you will talk about yourself more in-depth(autobiography).

I’d suggest taking a look at Danny Thompson’s great video (it’s long, but if you’re serious about getting a job in tech it’s worth the time investment) on getting a job in tech.

EDIT: I went based on the snippets in this review. I see you changed it to Frontend and Backend developer, I would just put Fullstack Developer. Also, your About section is much shorter now. Good job!

Good luck, keep learning, and happy coding!


hey there,

I’ve had 3 roles as a software dev now and I’ve personally found that most recruiters are just looking for bullet points, much like your resume, in the “Experiences” section of your account.

Feel free to adopt the format I’m using

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