Linking FCC with Codepen

Hi, I’m building a Technical Documentation Page, and have been struggling with the layout on FCC, and after some research, I found that people are using Codepen to build it up, the thing is, I don’t have the link on my FCC to build it by Codepen.
It should be below the number 15th.
How can I build it by Codepen without that link?

Is there any new update that it’s not possible to link them?

Go to the codepen website and add the following code line to the html area in order to test your work:

<script src=""></script>

Well, I just don’t understand why I don’t get the link on FCC as I saw many people that have it. Do you have that link? Thanks for the reply though :slight_smile:

Maybe you saw something like this:

Here you can see the link to run the fcc test, but this will be offered later in the curriculum, not for the HTML&CSS course. Although with the given link you can test any project in this course too.

Yes, I saw exactly that. The thing is, I saw people doing the exact same challenge as I’m doing with codepen, and seemed easier as the layout would give me more clarity

The goal is the same. Chose your way to it.

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