Literature on Coding - Recommendations

Hello everyone!
I have just started my coding journey. It’s exciting. I would like to be oriented toward good literature on coding, book references, detailed courses on attributes, for example, material in the realm of theory. I would love to quench my reading thirst as much as my practice.
Thanks :rocket:

I suggest documentation sites. W3schools, mozilla developer network,…

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Some of it will depend on what you want to do.

But some classics are Clean Code and The Clean Coder. Cracking the Coding Interview is good, as is Don’t Make Me Think and The Pragmatic Programmer.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I will look them up.

Thanks a mil Kevin. I can’t wait to start digging into these!

I try to spend 1 hour reading some of these topics, every day.

To know what is happening:

To study:

Some stars I follow on GitHub:


Thank you for the suggestion!

Hello Renan,
Thanks a mil! This looks like a heaven of reading material, and I can’t wait to dig in!

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