Little Help needed: Tribute page Project

Hi, I just finished my tribute project:

But Ive a little problem with the last picture on the site, I just dont get it in the middle :frowning:
I would be greateful, if anybody has a suggestion for me.
I have put this in the style part, everything works just the center part not.

img {
width: 25%;
height: auto;
position: center;

Thanks in advance

Some problems:

  • pen has no title
  • 2 versions of bootstrap loaded
  • <style> tags in HTML

Anyway, all you need was text-center class on an image container <div> see fork:

Thank for your input, I really appreciate it. I really don`t have much knowledge about computer (besides basic Microsoft Office and the SAP Transactions I use daily) just started with the courses last wednesday, and don`t even have a computer or Internet at home *lol*

So I had to specify to โ€œI hae one obvious-for-me-problemโ€

pen has no title -> didn`t know, that I have to give it a name or how that works, but will look into it

2 versions of bootstrap loaded -> in the example the showed just bootstrap, didn`t know which version I should use, so I choose both

tags in HTML -> looked at the example Tribute page, shown in the challenge explanation and there the style tags were in the html also, but will change that.

Thank you very much for including the right code for the center, I tried different versions and nothing worked, but see now where the problem was.

How to change the name I found out this morning. And I will definetly looking up the options and working through the courses from start again, taking notes. Thanks again for your help!

I would recommend you get familiar with the options on codepen.
Settings is where you import scripts and external CSS files.
Top left is where you can change the title as well as in settings.

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How to change the name of the site, I found out this morning. I will definetly looking more into the options on codepen and will go through the courses (html, css, etc.) again and taking notes.

Tanks again for your help, I really appreciate it!

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