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Hi I found this post on linkedin hope this helps-

I would like to say you are in the right place its upto you to make the place good or bad.

If you’ve been doing nothing but coding for two years then you presumably have the skills to be able to get a job,

What’s the best personal project that you’ve made to date?

How many jobs have you applied for?

Developer jobs definitely are not worth risking your mental health for they’re just jobs like any other at the end of the day


Hi @closeToEnd !

Welcome to the forum!

First off, I am sorry that you are going through this difficult time.
Unfortunately, a lot of people are struggling to get their first job right now.
I think with the influx of new developers coming into the market because of covid it is making it harder to land this first job.

Mental health is extremely important and it is not worth risking for a job.
Because of covid, there is more information and discussion about mental health.
Maybe some of these free online resources can help

That is one of the unfortunate drawbacks of this narrative.
Even though there are people that have gotten jobs in a few months, it is definitely not the norm.

I am one year into my learning and I can’t imagine getting a job in such a short time frame.

How many jobs have you applied for?
Have you received any call backs for interviews?

Maybe you can share your resume with the forum and people can provide tips for improvements.

Also, you want to make sure your resume is getting past the applicant tracking system so it can actually get to a human.

I really do hope that your situation improves and you are able to land a job.
Please take care of your health first because that is really important.

Hope that helps!


Hello there,
The truth is that you would risk your mental health for almost all types of jobs out there, even the simplest one. The question is when you should give in, and keep going and when you should not risk it at all? At some point taking risk can be a necessity.

You can acquire soft skills without being in an actual environment.
I recommend this one for learning soft skills, The hard truth about soft skills by PEGGY KLAUS.

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